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The dream of purchasing a new boat is on most of our minds and looks tempting, but for most potential buyers, the timing just is not perfect. If your current engine setup is not performing well or getting old, the timing might be right for a repower. Repowering your boat is a great solution to extending the life of your vessel. However, there is more to it than just bolting new shiny engines on the back of your transom. Portside Marine in Orlando, FL has a team of marine experts to help you make the right decision for your boat. Give us a call at 407-249-1124 or email us service@portsideorlando.com

Below we will outline some of the logistics that are in play for most buyers to look at before repowering. As always, we are THE Mercury Repower Center of Central Florida. We also repower Yamaha, Evinrude, and Suzuki. Third party financing is available to those who qualify.

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Should I change the horsepower of my engine(s)?

When looking at whether you should change the horsepower propelling your boat, you need to know the boat's capacity for it's maximum rated horsepower. Boat's perform their best when fitted with their maximum rated horsepower. Not only do you get the best performance, but you get the best in fuel economy because your engine is not struggling to keep up. You may not always have to use the maximum horsepower on your boat, but it is very welcome when it is needed.

Should I change the brand of my engine(s) to a diffrent manufacturer?

Ask yourself, why do you want to switch brands? Are you unhappy with the performance, service, or warranty terms? Those are good reasons to make a switch to a different engine brand. If not, there is little reason to make a change. Before you switch, make sure you understand the performance difference, service difference, and warranty terms. Portside Marine in Orlando, FL can help you weight out those options if you are thinking about making the switch.

Should I replace and or update my rigging, controls, and instruments?

When splurging for a repower, why wouldn't you want the supporting technology to be updated? It is a great idea to take a look at updating steering, throttle & shift, cabling, wiring harnesses, battery cables, and even instumentation. A new engine with old steering, controls, and cables can only dampen your new repower experience. New technology in digital instrumentation has also came a long way over the years. They are giving you information that your old gauges could not provide.

Should I install new fuel-system components when repowering?

In general, yes you should. It is recommended that boat owners replace all the fuel hoses with approved, ethanol-resistant hoses when you repower. This is also the time we recommend to replace your fuel water separators if they have not been done from a 100 or 300 hour maintenance. If you are upgrading your horsepower, make sure you have the right fuel hose diameters to sustain your engine's fuel needs at a wide open throttle. Not only can you starve the engine of fuel when at higher RPMs, but you change the fuel to air ratio that can be harmful to your new engine(s).

What about my old battery setup? Do I need to change those as well?

Replacing your batteries will depend on a few factors which will be decided on when you purchase your new engine(s). Some outboards are equipped with integrated power steering, high pressure fuel delivery systems, or require more power when changing horsepower. We can help you go over this when discussing potential engines for your boat. It is also recommended to change out your old battery cables with new ones. Your old cables could be corroded on the inside which can cause too much resistance, it can lower the voltage delivery, and increase the amperage draw to higher than wanted levels.

What should I do with my old engine(s)? Can I sell them or trade them?

Depending on the condition of your old engine there a few options. You could sell the old engine to a dealer, online, or gut the engine for parts and sell the parts. Most dealers who do repowers will buy the old engines against the repower cost if they are in saleable condition. Keep in mind that if you wish to keep or sell your engine, you will need a way to store it and prepare it for it's transfer to a new owner. Call Portside Marine today to get a value on your old engines.

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